Among Us Crossplay, Cross-Platform, Available Platforms, Steps to Play, and Overview

Among Us cross-platform game

We are cross-platform compatible. This means you can still play games with friends on different platforms, whether they’re on PC, mobile, PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch. Thanks to the cross-platform gaming feature, players can easily connect and enjoy the game together.

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No matter which platform you prefer to play on console, PC or mobile, you can still collaborate or compete with your friends in Among Us. So if you and other players play the game on various devices, there will be no problem.

Play steps

Start the game:

On your device, launch Among Us and log in with your account (if you have one).

Select server:

From the lower right corner of the main menu you can check the server you are playing on. Make sure all your friends choose the same server.

Create a game:

To set up a lobby, select “Create Game” from the main menu. Choose the number of players, map of choice and other factors.

Share code:

Once in the lobby screen, tell your friends the code shown at the bottom. They can use this code to join your game.

Join the action:

Your friends will appear in the game after they join using the code.Now you can play together as a teammate trying to complete a mission or as an impostor trying to deceive and sabotage


Among Us is cross-platform, so you can play with friends who have other gadgets on various devices. It can be accessed on PC, iOS and Android mobile devices, and Nintendo Switch. You can join the same game and play with others on PC, console, tablet or smartphone.

Thanks to its cross-platform playability, Among Us offers a smooth multiplayer experience on any device. Whether you’re trying to trick others as an impostor or completing missions as a crewmate, you can enjoy the game with friends on multiple platforms.

Our cross-platform capabilities allow users to connect and have fun on any gaming device.

Available platforms

Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices running Android and iOS are just some of the platforms that Among Us is available on. With simultaneous updates across all platforms, the game provides a consistent experience no matter where you choose to play.

Among Us was originally created for a PC mouse and keyboard setup and for touch controls on mobile devices, but it has been successfully ported to console systems such as Xbox and PlayStation. Since Among Us is available on multiple platforms, it’s suitable for a variety of players, allowing everyone to enjoy uncovering the imposters on the spaceship crew.


Innersloth’s 2018 online multiplayer social mystery game is called “Among Us.” It was first released for iOS and Android in June 2018, and on Windows in November of the same year. The game was released on Nintendo Switch in December 2020, and on consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox in December 2021.

On November 10, 2022, the virtual reality adaptation “Among Us VR” was released. Players take on the role of an impostor or crew member in a space-themed environment. While they work to find and eliminate the impostors, those who seek to destroy other crew members and colleagues complete their duties. Influencers helped the game surge in popularity in 2020. It received critical acclaim for its unique characters and engaging gameplay.

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