Honkai Star Rail Error Code 1001_1, How to Fix Honkai Star Rail Error Code 1001_1?

Honkai Impact Error Code 1001_1

Honkai Star Rail error code 1001_1 indicates a login issue and players encounter this error when trying to log into the game. This error can also occur due to server-side issues and maintenance.

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So I checked and found out that the status of the Honkai Star Orbit server was officially discordant. The last possibility is that if the server is working fine, the problem may be a user-side issue and may be related to network issues on the user-side. To address the latter issue, we present the fix below.

How to fix Honkai Star Rail error code 1001_1?

To fix Honkai Star Rail error code 1001_1: Users can check the following steps.

Check out the latest updates for Honkai Impact game:

Because this issue may hinder the latest network access points.

Now restart the game:

After checking for updates, users must restart the game, which is common practice with most fixes.

Check that the internet connection is correct:

Users can check if the internet connection is working by checking the modem or WiFi and finally check if the speed is slow.

Try uninstalling or reinstalling the game:

Users can uninstall or reinstall the game as part of a routine check to clean out corrupted files or registry.

If the above fixes don’t work, then there are two things that users can do, first wait for some time (mainly hours or days) and try again. Second, they can ask questions and receive support through official channels.

As with most network issues, slow and steady speeds always win the race, so if you can’t play a game for a day or two, be patient and it won’t kill your entertainment ideas or kill time.

Causes of Honkai Star Rail Error Code 1001_1

The exact cause of Honkai Star Rail error code 1001_1 is network issues. This code may also appear when Honkai Star Rail is undergoing server-side maintenance or when a problem occurs. So before confirming whether the problem is on the client side or on the server side, be sure to check the server status first.

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