How to Get Master Sleuth on Ravnica?


Ravnica is a fascinating world in the Magic: The Gathering universe that unfolds through three expert-level expansion packs: Ravnica: Guildcity, Guildpact, and Strife. This unique plane of the multiverse is a lying universal city-state, a city that spans the entire planet’s surface.

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Its labyrinthine streets are populated by a variety of races, each contributing to the rich fabric of Ravnican society. At the heart of Ravnica’s power structure are the ten guilds and political factions that wield enormous influence and represent the fusion of Magic’s five colors.

Inspired by Slavic folklore, The Myths of Ravnica infuses the storyline with a sense of mystery and magic. Each of these guilds represents a different color combination, engaging in intricate alliances and struggles as they compete for control and supremacy within the city.

The concept for Ravnica grew out of the success of the Magic: The Gathering Invasion series, with a vision to explore the theme of multi-color interaction in greater depth. Led by Magic lead designer Mark Rosewater, Ravnica introduces ten distinct color pairs, giving players a new perspective on the dynamic interplay between colors. With its compelling storyline and rich lore, Ravnica remains a beloved and iconic setting in the Magic universe.

Who is Ravnica’s master detective?

The title of Master Detective in Ravnica is held by Alquist Proft. He is a skilled human detective who works for the Bureau of Magical Investigations on Ravnica. Alquist Proft is known for his outstanding reasoning skills, especially for solving the Karloff Manor murders.

Alquist Proft, formerly associated with the Azorius Senate, was Ravnica’s chief detective. He is a central character in the Karloff Mansion storyline and is often represented in Magic: The Gathering in the blue and white color combination.

In the “Murder at the Karloff Manor” card deck, Alquist Proft is highly boosted on the “Alquist Proft, Master Detective” card. This card allows players to alertly summon him onto the battlefield, and he qualifies players for investigation, creating clue tokens that can be used to draw cards and gain life.

For players of the MTG Arena version of Alchemy: Karloff Manor, solving puzzles related to Alquist Proft can lead to rewards. The first clue of this challenge asks: “Who is the man on Ravnica known as the ‘Master Detective’?” Successfully solving this puzzle will unlock rewards for the player and maintain Alquist Proft’s role as Ravnica. The position of a key figure in the legend of Nika.

How to get Master Detective in Ravnica?

MTG Arena codes can be saved in two ways: through the Wizards of the Coast account website or directly in the Store tab of the MTG Arena PC client. The process is user-friendly, ensuring everyone can easily claim their rewards.

To redeem a code using the Store tab:

  • Open MTG Arena and navigate to the main menu.
  • Click the “Shop” button.
  • Enter the code exactly as shown in the list provided into the text box in the upper left corner.
  • Press the Enter key on your keyboard to claim your reward.

To redeem a code through the Wizards Account website:

  • Visit the Player Account page on the Wizards website.
  • Log in using your email and password. If you haven’t registered yet, you need to register first.
  • After logging in, find the text box in the upper left corner of the page.
  • Enter the code exactly as provided in the list.
  • Click the “Redeem” button to claim your rewards in MTG Arena.

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