Minecraft Bedrock Beta, A Download Procedure

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta

Minecraft beta has been released with all new items. Heavy Core Blocks is the most exciting addition, and its patch notes reveal a number of exciting features. To create a weapon called a mace, you can use it with the Breeze Rod and perform a smash attack when dropped.

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When the mace smashes into your game world, fighting off your enemies is the right thing to do. The longer you fall, the stronger the blow. Craft this new weapon and find new items by unlocking the Inquisition Vault.

There are also new banner designs, new armor decorations and new pottery shards introduced alongside the mace, making it an additional design addition to your structures.

Patch Notes

Upcoming updates to Minecraft will introduce new weapons, adding new features to the game. This addition breathes new life into the combat mechanics, with the latest addition to the arsenal being the mace, promising a new melee experience and guaranteed player satisfaction. Check out the Minecraft Bedrock Beta patch notes below.


  • A new heavy weapon to crush your enemies!
  • Taking advantage of the new weapon’s weight, the farther it falls before hitting its target, the more damage it does
    • Try jumping towards your target and hitting them before landing
    • Successfully hitting a target in this manner will remove any damage accumulated from the fall, similar to how Wind Charge works
    • Other entities near the struck enemy will be knocked back by the mace’s immense power.
  • Like any other weapon, using a mace reduces its durability; repair it with the Breeze Rod on an Anvil
  • Players can combine the mace with wind bombs to unleash devastating crushing attacks on enemies
  • We’d love to hear your feedback about Mace at aka.ms/mcmacefeedback

breeze stick

  • New item dropped by Breeze, which can be crafted into 4 Wind Bombs, or used with Heavy Cores to craft a mace

Focus on the core

  • A mysterious and dense block that can be combined with the Breeze Rod to create a mace
  • Heavy cores can be obtained from the vault

New armor decoration

  • Added bolt and flow armor decorations and forge templates
  • These new armor decorations can be obtained from the vault
  • Bolts can be replicated using copper blocks or waxed copper
  • Flow can be replicated using a breeze rod

New banner pattern

  • Added Flow and Guster banner graphics
  • These new banner patterns can be obtained from the vault

New pottery sherds

  • Added flow, gusts and scraping pottery shards
  • These new pottery shards appear on decorative jars throughout the courtroom


  • New rooms and variations have been added, bringing new challenges!
    • Remake chamber_9 and rename it to “slanted”
    • Remake chamber_3 and rename it to “pedestal”
  • Added Flow, Guster and Scrape pottery shards to decorative pots in decorative structure pools
  • Trial generators will now appear more frequently in corridors
  • Changed the layout of blocks around the vault
  • The loot tables for the Inquisition Chamber vaults have been updated to address some inventory management issues
    • You will now get no more than 1 non-stackable item per vault
    • You’ll get stackable rewards more often
    • Vests and saddles have been removed from the loot table
  • The Inquisition Chamber’s vault can now be ejected:
    • Wind charge
    • Bolt Armor Decoration Forged Template
    • Flow Armor Decorative Smith Template
    • flow banner pattern
    • Guster banner pattern
    • heavy core


Features and bug fixes:


  • The armadillo walking animation has been sped up, bringing it closer to the speed in Java Edition (MCPE-178442)

Building Blocks

  • Fixed an issue that caused beds placed across chunk boundaries to sometimes break or become invisible (MCPE-31389)

character creator

  • Reduced frame stutter when encountering character creator skins in game

Game Tips

To help new players learn the basics of Minecraft, we’ve added more game tips.

  • Now you can get tips on jumping, flying, sneaking, and how to use and place workbenches
  • We’ve also added tips on how to open inventory when using a touch device


  • Fixed an issue with occasional double-placed blocks when bridging (MCPE-123455)


  • Maximum rendering distance of Xbox Series consoles increased to 36


  • Players no longer crawl after sneaking into a bed with a 1.5 block gap above them


  • Fixed instances of singular “realm story members” being plural “realm story members” to be consistent on screen (preview only)
  • Fixed a softlock that would occur when navigating to Realm Stories from the in-game menu while the Death Screen was active (Preview only)
  • Fixed an issue where Narrator was not reading Medium Realm event posts as expected

Ordinary price

  • Shields now partially block damage from Guardian and Ancient Guardian laser attacks

wolf armor

  • Wolf armor now emits particles when broken (MCPE-179264)
  • Wolf Armor now partially blocks damage from laser attacks from Guardians and Ancient Guardians
  • Wolves wearing wolf armor now trigger post-hit damage immunity, preventing the item from being quickly destroyed by damage-over-time sources such as lava, slimes, and magma cubes
  • Holding a shield and wolf armor at the same time no longer causes a line of gray voxels to be rendered on the left half of the screen (MCPE-179255)
  • Wolf armor can now also be repaired on an anvil using the Armadillo Shield (MCPE-179254)
  • Wolf Armor sound has been updated

Technical Update:

application programming interface

  • Moved EntityType and EntityTypes from beta to 1.11.0
  • Released playMusic, Player.queueMusic, Player.stopMusic (from beta to 1.11.0)
  • Removed BlockAreaSize from beta and replaced usage with Vector3
  • Rename the parameter itemCategory in getItemCooldown and player.startItemCooldown to cooldownCategory
  • Change type to EnchantmentType only to follow API guidelines
  • Added EnchantmentSlot and Slot in beta, used to determine an item’s enchantable slot
  • Added “minecraft:custom_components” block component under Beta API feature flag


  • Updated /titleraw and /tellraw to include support for rendering input key glyphs

microbial community

  • Added spawn classes to bedrock. They will be used for mob generation in the future.Generate categories are enabled in the entity behavior pack file but are not functional yet
  • Fixed should_update_bones_and_effects_offscreen and should_update_effects_offscreen being ignored

Experimental technology updates:


  • Improved texture filtering of render blocks to smooth transitions between LODs
  • A new feature has been added to the Delay Technology Preview: Sky Reflections. This new effect will reflect the sky on a surface based on its roughness and other surface properties. For more information, see the updated Deferred Lighting Getting Started article on the Learning Portal. Note that since these are reflections from the sky, the reflections will not be visible when inside caves, indoors, or the Nether. Reflections for these scenes, as well as other objects such as terrain and entities, will be added in future updates.

Download program

To download Minecraft beta, just follow a few simple steps. For PC users, go to the Minecraft launcher and check if you downloaded the preview version. Then open the Installation tab or Patch Notes tab and click Download. The beta version can be played directly from the installation tab after downloading. On the other hand, open the launcher’s home page and select the latest version next to the “Launch Game” option.

For iOS, you must register with TestFlight to try features in the app. The game has a limited number of test players, and slots fill up quickly, which is the main problem. Anyway, you can check if you can access it. For PlayStation or Xbox, search for Minecraft Preview in the PlayStation Store or Xbox Game Store.

If you’ve already downloaded a preview version, just launch it. You’ll then be able to try out all the new features, including new wolf variants in the game. The process is similar for Android. Search Minecraft in the Play Store. On the game’s listing page, look for the “Join Beta” option to join the program.

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