Finding Every Chocograss in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

chocolate grass

Chocolate grass is a special plant found in Final Fantasy 7 Reborn. It’s worth tracking if you want the extra bonus. In the Nibel region of Chapter 11 of the game, chocolate grass is most common.

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It needs to be collected as part of the Chocobo Sage quest. In order to obtain it, a Chocobo must be obtained, and special abilities must be utilized to quickly collect Chocobo clusters scattered throughout the area (mainly large bodies of water). Some of them may be hidden in caves.

Find every chocolate grass in Final Fantasy 7 Reborn

You can find all the chocolate grass in Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth here:

1. North of Holy Intel 1.

2. Expedition north of Intel 1.

3. Inside a small cave, there is a breakable crystal outside that leads to Holy Intel 1.

4. Floating on the mainstream water surface. Check to the northeast of the first chocolate grass.

5. Located next to a pipe in a dilapidated and abandoned building.

6. The rock wall in front of Expedition Intel 2.

7. Activation Intel Tower 2 northwest side.

8. North side of Jalal Bridge.

9. In front of the cave entrance north of Galar Bridge.

10. Activation Intel Tower 2 South side.

11. In the middle of the water near Port Nibel.

12. On the way to Chocobo Sage Manor.

13. In front of Chocobo Sage Manor.

14. Expedition North of Intel 3.

15. Start directly from the previous Chocograss.

16. Activate the east side of Intel Tower 4.

17. Activation Intel Tower 4 South side.

18. Visible near Tower Island on your right.

19. Go north from the previous Chocograss.

20. Go further north from the previous Chocograss.

21. North of the protective cliff cache point at the top of the map.

22. On the left side of the cliff.

23. The interior of the rock wall can be accessed via a ChocoJet landing.

24. In front of the previous chocolate grass.

25. Inside the cave entered from the previous Chocograss location.

26. Holy Intel 3 Southwest.

27. Continue south from the previous location to find it.

28. Go around the rock wall ahead to find it.

29. West of Nidhogg Grotto.

30. Follow the outer wall southwest of Fiend Intel 4.

31. Interior of Nidhogg Grotto.

32. East of Demon Intel 4.

33. East of the previous location and south of Expedition Intel 4.

34. Further east, south of the mining intel: Island Base.

35. West of the Stowaway Cave Hideout.

36. North of previous location.

37. North of Mining Intelligence: Island Base.

38. Internal mining intelligence: Island base.

39. Inside the cave inside Expedition Intel 4.

40. Inside the cave further away from the previous Chocograss.

41. Expedition North of Intel 4.

42. Visible just north of Chocobo Station.

43. Northwest of previous location.

44. North of previous location.

45. A few steps east of the previous patch of chocolate grass.

46. ​​Located slightly east of the Chocobo Station on the island.

47. West of the Chocobo Station, floating between two islands.

48. North of the previous Chocolate Grass.

49. On the upper level of the Nidhogg Grotto, just before reaching the Fiend Intel 4.

50. In a cave below Holy Intelligence 2.

Receive award

Here are all the rewards you can get for collecting Chocolate Grass in Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth:

Once you collect 30 Chocolate Grass, you can start this side quest, but if you collect 50, you will receive more rewards. An important reward is Cait Sith’s weapon called the Galar Horn. You need this weapon to get the Platinum trophy in the game. When you deliver a Chocobo Grass Tuft to the Horse Tack Shop in Chocobo Sage Manor, you will receive the following rewards:

  • If you collect 35 tufts, you will receive a golden feather.
  • If you collect 40 clusters, you will receive an alien crystal.
  • If you collect 45 tufts, you will receive the Galar Horn.
  • If you collect 50 clusters, you will get cleaning material earrings.

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