WWE 2K24 Patch 1.04: Addressing Stability Issues and Gameplay Concerns


The latest patch update version 1.04 of “WWE 2K24” has been launched on PS4, PC and Xbox. This update addresses various stability issues and player concerns throughout the game. In addition, players can also change the name of the in-game superstar in the “Create Superstar” mode.

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Despite generally positive reviews, some players experienced stability and game launch issues, which this update addresses. Another update, version 1.05, is planned to resolve any remaining bugs and issues.

“WWE 2K24” Patch 1.04


  • Several stability issues have been resolved
  • Resolved a reported issue with lighting not displaying correctly in certain areas
  • Resolved an issue related to entering the RAW 2002 Arena with Seth Rollins ’14
  • Fixed a coverage issue related to the ring announcer playing audio twice
  • Resolved a reporting issue regarding illegal tag interference debuffs

my faction

  • Added tutorial for Faction War rewards
  • Improved the stability of the leaderboard

Community creation

  • Resolved reporting issue related to demo name being unavailable when creating a Superstar
  • Resolved reported issue with colors not being saved in Create-An-Arena


  • Resolved a reported issue related to universal game settings not being applied to the universe


  • Resolved reporting issue related to guest referee meter remaining enabled after being turned off


WWE 2K24 is a new wrestling video game produced by Visual Concepts and 2K. It is the 24th game in the series and the tenth game under the WWE 2K title, following WWE 2K23. It releases on March 8, 2024 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


WWE 2K24 allows you to choose between arcade-style and realistic wrestling matches. It revived traditional match types such as ambulance and coffin matches, while introducing new match types such as challenge matches and guest referee matches.

Players can enjoy new features like Backstage Brawl mode, which includes more weapons and four-player multiplayer. Additionally, there are new moves to try out, such as the Super Terminator and the ability to use items like microphones and trash cans as weapons.

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