How to Get Heavenly Potion in Sols RNG? Craft Heavenly Potion in Sol’s RNG

What is the Potion of Paradise in Sol’s RNG?

Potions of Paradise are collectibles that can be generated and crafted around the map. Consuming them improves rolling cooldown, luck, or BT bypass. The effects of the same potion do not stack, as different potions have different effects. These potions glow under neon lights, which makes them easy to spot. Players can collect and use them as needed.

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There are two versions of these potions with different effects.

  • Potion of Paradise I – One roll +1,000,000% luck boost.
  • Potion of Paradise II – One roll +10,000,000% luck boost.

How to get the Paradise Potion in Sol’s RNG?

Two potions are generated every 20 seconds in the game, namely the luck potion and the speed potion. Complete Stella’s quest to find her lost star and create a potion. Jump up to the tree to the left of the mine and enter the waterfall to find Stella.

Enter the cave behind the waterfall and turn left from the bridge. Follow the unlit candle to complete the obstacle and meet her. In Sol’s RNG, Stella can craft eight potions.

How to make a potion of paradise?

To make the Paradise Potion, first go to Stella in the new cave area. Then, use the cauldron and select the name of the potion from the list. There are two recipes for potions of different strengths.

Paradise Potion I Recipe

  • 100 Lucky Potions
  • 50 Divine Aura
  • 20 gold plated halo
  • 1 Celestial Halo

Potion of Paradise II Recipe

  • 2 Potion of Paradise
  • Chapter 125 Lucky Potion
  • 75 Divine Aura
  • 50 gold plated halo
  • 1 exotic

Paradise Potion List




Lucky Potion 60 seconds randomly generated
speed potion 30 seconds randomly generated
Lucky Potion I 300 seconds Stella Productions
Lucky Potion II 420 seconds Stella Productions
Lucky Potion III 600 seconds Stella Productions
Potion of Haste I 180 seconds Stella Productions
Potion of Haste II 300 seconds Stella Productions
Space Potion I 600 seconds Stella Productions
Paradise Potion I not applicable Stella Productions
Potion of Paradise II not applicable Stella Productions

Sol’s RNG

RNG of Sol is a Roblox game where players need to get as many auras as possible. Players will have unlimited dice and can craft items to increase their luck. Play the game to get the rarest and coolest auras. Simply press a button to obtain different auras with unique rarities and visual effects.

The rarer the aura, the more elastic it is. Collecting rare halos is the main goal of the game. However, by rolling normally, players will receive standard auras such as Divinus, Wind, and Gilded. So, to get rare auras, use potions and increase your roll chances. Get elusive auras like Lunar or Star Scourge and improve your gameplay.

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