How to Use the Sols RNG Cauldron? Where to Find Cauldron in Sols RNG?

Thors RNG

Sol’s RNG is an interesting game on Roblox that may receive updates in the future. Currently, the focus of the game is on collecting as many Halos as possible. You can keep rolling as much as you want, or you can craft items to make your luck better.Basically, the end goal is to showcase the rarest, coolest auras in the game

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In the game, the main goal is to obtain auras, which are special things you can collect by rolling. Halos have different designs and opportunities to obtain them. The rarer the more detailed. Some auras are more likely to appear in specific places called biomes. Even if you’re not in that biome, you can still get the aura, it’s just not as easy.

This system is called “Breakthrough.” Some auras can also have different versions, called “mutations”. There are currently 57 Halos in the game. 6 of them are unobtainable and 13 have mutated versions. Three of the mutants are also unavailable.

How to use Sols RNG Cauldron?

In Sol’s RNG, there is something called a “cauldron” that allows you to create potions by crafting or brewing. This is a new part of the game and they plan to add more potions later. You can now brew eight different potions using the cauldron.

Inside the cauldron is a mixture that glows pink under the neon light. Brewing potions in the game takes time and requires the right ingredients. This does take more time, but you can still achieve it. You’ll need copies of certain auras to craft potions, and some are harder to find than others.

There are a few steps to follow to find the Cauldron, the first of which is finding Stella. She is the one standing next to the cauldron. So, first you need to find her.

Sols RNG Where can I find the Cauldron?

To discover the Cauldron, you need to find Stella. She is a character who dresses like a witch and wears a witch hat.

  1. Go to the left side of the map where there is a waterfall.
  2. Go through the waterfall to find the obstacle course.
  3. Complete the obstacle course and go left from the bridge.
  4. You have to do one more obstacle course before moving on.
  5. After completing the second obstacle course, you’ll find Stella standing next to the cauldron!


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