Last Epoch Eternity Cache Not Working: Causes and Fixes

Last epoch eternal cache not working

“Last Epoch Last Epoch Eternal Cache Not Working” means that there is a problem with the Eternal Cache feature of the game named Last Epoch. It’s designed to make two items into one stronger item, but it seems to be stuck.

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This can be annoying for players who use Eternal Chests from time to time to enhance their equipment and continue playing. Let’s check how this problem occurs and what happens next.

Bug fixes

Please follow these steps to resolve the issue of eternal cache not working in the previous epoch:

Understand the mechanics:

Learn how eternal caching works. It is part of the Temporal Sanctuary dungeon, which alternates between different game eras. Items saved in the cache in one era can be retrieved in another era for use in crafting legendary items.

Switching schedule:

In the Temporal Sanctuary dungeon, switch between eras (Holy Age and Destruction Age). If you don’t switch timelines before doing another dungeon run, your cached items may not function properly.

Check for faults:

Missing items from cache can sometimes be caused by glitches, especially after a game update. Please keep an eye out for any announcements or patches that address these issues.

Avoid exploits:

Do not attempt to exploit the game through repeated glitches or other cheating methods. They may break the functionality of the eternal cache, risking the complete loss of your items.

Contact support:

If you’re still having trouble after following these steps, please contact Last Epoch’s support team for assistance.They can help you troubleshoot specific issues with eternal caching

Reason for not working

The eternal cache from the previous epoch is not working properly. After the recent update, there were some bugs that caused problems with items in the game. Specifically, items used for integration were unexpectedly corrupted when using the eternal cache.

This issue is caused by a glitch that allows items to be duplicated, which players exploit to obtain rare items. To address this issue, the developers have temporarily removed the reward and item mechanics from the game until they can fix the issue in the next update.

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