Rainbow Six Siege Error Code 8-0x00003700, How to fix Rainbow Six Siege Error Code 8-0x00003700?

Rainbow Six Siege error code 8-0x00003700

Experiencing game bugs while playing can be frustrating as it disrupts gameplay. Rainbow Six Siege error code 8-0x00003700 is an error code that indicates a server issue that is causing problems with the game and preventing you from playing the game. This error mainly occurs when the player is ranked, or during squad creation and game startup.

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Rainbow Six Siege error code 8-0x00003700 can occur due to server connection errors, internet connection issues, game file issues, antivirus or software issues, and network driver issues.

How to fix Rainbow Six Siege error code 8-0x00003700?

Steps to fix error code 8-0x00003700 in Rainbow Six Siege:

Check game server status

Check if the official game server is down. If the servers are having issues and are unavailable, wait for them to come back online. If there are no problems with the server, then the problem may be on your end.

Restart and update the game

Close the game and restart it, this can sometimes help fix the error. Also, check for any pending updates and update those that require updates.

Check internet connection

Check your internet connection and make sure your internet is working properly and stable. Poor internet connection may cause error code 8-0x00003700.

Update network drivers

Update the network driver by going to Device Manager, selecting the network adapter, and selecting “Update Driver.”

Check integrity file

Check the integrity of the game files as this process can help you repair corrupted files.

DNS refresh

Change your DNS server to a more reliable server and restart your computer.

Disable antivirus software

Temporarily turn off your antivirus software or VPN before they block the game’s server connection. If the error persists, remove and reinstall.

Causes of Rainbow Six Siege Error Code 8-0x00003700

Server issues

Problems caused by server downtime or maintenance may cause difficulties for users to connect to the game.

connection problem

A slow internet connection or unstable network can cause errors in Rainbow Six Siege.

Game files are corrupted

Due to corrupted or incomplete game files, issues may arise that interfere with gameplay.

Antivirus issues

Antivirus blocks access to game servers and interrupts game functionality.

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